This Lamp Is Actually Powered By Saltwater

3 months ago

This Lamp Is Actually Powered By Saltwater


There is no need for batteries with Hydralight lanterns because they run on saltwater. These lanterns use an energy cell instead. The charged particles in the saltwater conduct electricity across the cell. Getting the lantern to work is simple. Just dip the cell in saltwater or just add a couple teaspoons of salt to regular water. It will provide light for over 250 hours and is great for outdoor enthusiasts. The Hydralight can be stored for over 25 years before its initial use, which makes it perfect for doomsday preppers. The lights also come with USB charging. Hydralight also makes other models that use the same technology. Where there is saltwater, there can be light.

Source : Tech Insider – This Lamp Is Actually Powered By Saltwater


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