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The videos in this website (Live or Offline) are posted by the website’s users. They are typically from Facebook, YouTube,, Vimeo and DailyMotion. If you intend to delete some video content from the site, send the request through email to [email protected] ([email protected]). We will respond to your request within an hour from the time we receive your email. You could also choose to fill the DMCA Complaint form on the website


The ads displayed on our site are from third parties; outside ad companies. The ads, which could have cookies, are collected by these ad companies. The information that these cookies collect is not accessible to us. Some of the ad companies that we work with include extendmedia, Adsense, etc. It is prudent that you check the privacy policies of these ad companies in their websites. On principle, we do not permit aggressive advertisements on the site.

Terms of Service

This page lays out the central principles you are required to adhere to when using our website. In all instances where any of the following terms are used; “We”, “Us”, “Journalists Pages” or “”, they refer to the administrators, developers, moderators and owners of the website (

In all circumstances throughout this document where the terms “Users” or “You” are used, they refer to people browsing through this website.

The terms “Website” or “Site” in this page refer to “”.

It is important to note that NO video is hosted on this site. All videos you will find on this platform are available for free on the internet on, YouTube,,, Selfcast and such other sites. We DO NOT make any promises or guarantees in the service we are providing, neither are we liable for the actions of our users. We neither claim nor have any affiliation to the owners of any of the videos/streams played on The copyright of all content on this platform is held by its respective owners.

We advise all copyright owners to note that all links on this platform can be found elsewhere on the internet. The link embedded points to the actual location of that video on the internet. Please take on all issues related to copyright infringement to the companies hosting these files. In the event that you still wish to contact us, please email us at [email protected].

In this document are the Terms and Conditions for using Journalists Pages.

  1. Liabilities

1.1 Although we have taken great care in preparing this website, we accept that technically, it is not possible to run this site devoid of any fault and we do not offer any warranties as to the website’s continued operation and therefore do not accept any liability in case the website is not operational, whether due to maintenance or faults.

1.2 You recognize that the information on the site is supplied to us by third parties and we therefore cannot be responsible for this information. We appreciate fully the efforts our third parties make and do not, neither do we wish, to take any commendation for their efforts.

1.3 All material on Journalists Pages complies with US law by design. We are therefore not responsible and cannot be answerable incase of non-compliance with local laws applicable outside the US law jurisdiction.

  1. Links to and from this website

2.1 may contain hypertext links to third parties’ websites. We have no control of those websites and you hence accept that we are not liable or responsible for the content therein.

  1. Use of information

3.1 We do not own the information accessible through this website. Consequently, we cannot be responsible for what use you put this information to. You may require the consent of the information’s original authors to redistribute.

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